KR 60

KR 60

KR 60

This six-axis robot can be found in almost every industry. The KR 60 is extremely flexible and versatile – not only does the automotive industry benefit from this. The robot for medium load capacity is optimally designed for efficient plant concepts with unbeatable cycle times.

Payload [kg]
16 – 60
Reach [mm]
2033 – 2952

The KR 60 is a versatile motion artist with an unbeatable load-bearing range. Different variants are available, e. g. as a foundry design or as a console robot – optionally also with arm extension – which make the KR 60 the popular all-rounder.


Industry diversity

The KR 60 is the popular all-rounder in many industries because of its versatility. Various versions allow the use for a wide range of tasks. This is not just the case for the automotive industry.

Process force optimized

The KR 60 engines and gearboxes are matched perfectly and ensure the highest performance in terms of cycle time and accuracy. It compensates for occurring process forces thanks to its high stiffness.

Planning security

Thanks to its robust design, the KR 60 operates reliably and with maximum availability over a long period of time. It offers you low maintenance requirements and high planning reliability. The KR 60 can also be programmed precisely offline.

KR 60 data overview

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