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DEP Engineering Co. Ltd.

DEP Engineering Co. Ltd.

DEP Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in the year 1994 starting as an electrical distributor with a commitment to offer only high quality products with the best service. The company is one of the leading electrical equipment business in Thailand

DEP Engineering Co. Ltd. is committed to continuously developing the company and constantly seeking new products and technology to increase productivity for our customer.

About Us

Message from CEO

About Us
Become more customer centric.

Historically, Sonepar has focused on its supplier relationships and sales process. However, we now need to concentrate more on the entire customer experience to become more customer centric and apply a strategic marketing approach to fully meet our customers’ needs. Our Sales and Marketing divisions will need to work more closely together and create synergies to better leverage data, this is our biggest future cultural challenge.

Become a digital enterprise.

The target is 2025. This is when the current generation, which will have only ever known smartphones and apps, will arrive in the workplace and will only expect to find digital processes. If we are not ready for this generation, we will flounder: all our businesses, not only online but, also in branches, must become fully digital: a real omnichannel experience.

Increase productivity.

We will achieve this with the transition to a digital enterprise. The aim is to implement more efficient digital and productive processes, as well as improving working conditions for our associates. We need to all realize the immense opportunity in front of Sonepar. We are by far the market leader, yet our growth potential in terms of market share is unlimited, which is very rare. We operate in a fast-growing market in which electrical power will gain shares over the next century as fossil power becomes finite. At the same time, higher life expectancy and urbanization will increase the use of electric energy by more people for longer, which will increase future market size. Lastly, the construction industry will become more environment focused with new regulations which will create growth markets for Sonepar. I am highly confident in Sonepar’s ability to meet its future challenges and successfully execute the Group’s strategic plan. Our company has everything it takes to succeed, including a clear future vision, aligned leadership, highly committed employees and clearly identified KPIs. Sonepar’s long-standing capacity to adapt, combined with strategic planning, will take it far.


Leader of Electrical Material Distribution.


To create value and satisfy the needs of customers by offer a broad range of quality products with service retro toys mind through professional team.